Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 4 is gone!

We woke up feeling good again today, not starving or going crazy for a peanut butter egg.  Muscles felt good from a day off with stretching only.  Today we had a 1/2 grapefruit and 2 hard-boiled eggs for breakfast.  The between meals snack was carrots.

For lunch it is a fruit only day again, and this time we chose pears.  We each ate two, although I will say we didn't really feel "full" when we were done.  Part of what takes getting used to in this diet is not stuffing yourself all the time until you feel full, which is what most of us are used to.  But doctors will tell you it is best to eat until you feel satisfied, not stuffed.  Of course the way our society has gone, it's no wonder we do with super-sized meals weighing in at 1200 calories each, or the fact that it's cheaper to buy a large soda at a certain chain than it is a medium.

For dinner it is again a grilled meat and a green salad.  I decided to change it up a little so we don't get too bored with these meals, so I made turkey kabobs.  I took fat-free turkey breast meat, sliced it up, and then cut up tomatoes, green pepper, and cucumber and turned all that into kabobs.  They were really good!  Along with our kabobs we had a lettuce only salad with a little raspberry vinaigrette dressing on it. 

We each had 9 servings of water again today, and I had another cup of coffee with the same add-ins as yesterday.  For exercise we each ran 2 miles.

Day 3 is over!

Well, Day 3 is done now as well, and I must say this diet is indeed getting a little easier.  We are starting to lose weight and get used to eating less and working out more.  Today for breakfast we had 2 hard-boiled eggs, and 1/2 of an orange.  Our between meals snack was carrots, on which we were sprinkling a little celery salt just for some extra taste. 

Lunch was less than amazing on Day 3, since we were only allowed to have 1 Tbsp of fat free cream cheese on a piece of whole wheat toast along with as many tomatoes as we wanted.  We opted for the cherry tomatoes.  Still, not an overly filling lunch.

For dinner on Day 3, you once again have a grilled fat free meat.  To change it up a little, we went with fat free ground turkey, and mixed it with the same spices as the day before.  We turned it into burger patties, and had it along with a green salad.

Today was our rest day from exercising, so just did some stretching to keep the muscles loose and feeling good.  We each had 9 8-oz servings of water and a diet Dr. Pepper.  Remember, you can have up to 2 diet drinks per day.  You are also allowed to have unlimited coffee and tea.  The coffee must be sweetened with artificial sweetener.  I had a cup of coffee with hazelnut splenda and fat-free french vanilla creamer.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 2 is done!

Well, 2 days done and we are still sticking to it!  Everywhere I have read about this diet states that if you can tough it out through the first 4 or so days, you can make it the whole time.  We'll see about that.

We woke up on the morning of Day 2 a little sore from the run still but amazingly not feeling starving!  Breakfast was 1/2 of an orange and 2 hard-boiled eggs.  Between meal snacks for Day 2 was cucumbers, but we didn't snack at all in the morning since we were busy with errands and appointments.  For lunch I grilled some boneless, skinless chicken breasts that I prepared the night before.  I placed the chicken in a zip-lock bag with water and a mixture of spices and let it sit in the fridge overnight.  It was delicious and tender!  You can eat as much as you want.

We again did not have any snacks between lunch and dinner since we were full from lunch.  For dinner we had 2 hard-boiled eggs, a green salad (lettuce, green pepper, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes) topped with a little fat free raspberry vinaigrette, and one whole grapefruit.  It was a lot of food and left us feeling very full again. 

My fiance and I both had 9 servings of water throughout the day, and I also had a diet Dr. Pepper.  You are allowed to have up to 2 diet sodas per day.  For exercise we took a 45 minute walk. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 1 is complete!

So, we finished Day 1 of the diet, and so far so good.  If you are used to eating large portions, or snacking on unhealthy food throughout the day, this diet is going to be a bit of a shock for you.  Our breakfast was 1/2 of a grapefruit and 2 hard-boiled eggs.  You cannot put sugar or anything on the grapefruit, just eat as is.  My fiance doesn't like eggs, so the first one made her gag a little, but the second was fine. 

Then we are allowed to have a "between meal" snack each day of either cucumbers, carrots, or lettuce.  You have to pick only one of these each day, and they can only be eaten 2hrs after your meal.  We finished breakfast at 6:30, so between 8:30 and lunch we could eat our snack.  You can have as much of your snack as you want, so eat until you feel satisfied.  We chose baby carrots for day 1, and ate them raw.  You can steam or boil them, but we were at work so not as easy of an option.  You can also add salt, pepper, spices, garlic, and onion.  Nothing else!

For lunch on Day 1 you eat a fruit; either oranges, strawberries, pears, apples, plums, cantaloupe, or watermelon.  You can eat as much as you want for this too.  We chose apples (Pink Lady) for our lunch, and I had 1 and my fiance ate 2.  Lunch was done at 1:00, so our snacking time was whenever we wanted after 3:00. 

Dinner on Day 1 is a grilled meat (either cut or ground) that is fat free.  We chose fat free ground beef and made it into burger patties for the grill.  We seasoned them with the allowable seasonings from the list above (same as for veggies), but you cannot use condiments or buns.  You can also not use Pam spray or anything on the grill.  You can eat as much as you want, and we ate 4 quarter pound (pre-cook) burgers each.

Water consumption is a big part of this too, and I had a total of 15 8-oz servings of water throughout the day, which is definitely plenty for anyone.  My fiance had 9 8-oz servings of water throughout the day, also enough.

Exercise is also recommended along with this diet, so we also each ran 2 miles after work.  Remember, we also have physically demanding jobs and are not sitting behind a computer all day. 

We were both tired and a little sore before bed (I think it's the new barefoot running shoes), but not feeling hungry or overly exhausted.  Looking forward to Day 2!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why are we doing this?

So, my fiance and I are getting married this summer in July.  We have been working to get back in shape from the not-so-kind college days and life after.  She has gotten herself down to her goal weight (5'2" tall, 113 lbs), but I have some more to go (6'0" tall, 215 lbs).  We have also both been exercising fairly regularly.  We have jobs where we are on our feet most of the day and are physically demanding.  In the evenings we take regular walks or ride an exercise bike inside when it's nasty out.  We bought new barefoot running shoes, so are going to start running regularly with this diet as well.  One issue we both have is despite being in fairly good shape and eating well, we can't lost that stubborn belly fat.  So since this diet claims it can do that, we're all in.

What is this?!

The "Pilot's Diet" is a 28-Day plan that is designed to help you lost weight and/or get rid of that stubborn belly fat.  It was popular in the 80's, but is starting to make a comeback.  Odd that this correlates to the same time as neon clothes, off the collar shirts, and leggings are also making a comeback.  The claims are that you can lose 20-60 pounds in one month, which does not seem possible to me, but we'll see!  Rather than counting calories, this diet relies on food chemical interactions.  It does not allow for any modifications or replacements to be used.  You need to drink plenty of water (as most diets stress anyway).  Regular exercise is of course recommended as well.  I will list what we eat (and in what quantity) each day so you can see what we did.